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General Terms



ALQUILER AINA CAR, SL declares: that the vehicle subject of this contract is owned by the holder of the vehicle registration certificate, which ALQUILER AINA CAR, SL has leased, being empowered by the owner expressly for renting out to particulars and companies, as well as for reclaims the incidents or damages caused to the vehicle.


1.-The LESSOR rents to the LESSEE, that their personal circumstances are included in the rental contract, and accepts and receives the vehicle and accessories marked at the same.


2. The duration of the contract is agreed in the particular conditions. The date of departure and the expected date of return are binding for both parts. In the event that the LESSEE, by own decision, start with delay or ends by advance the rent, he is not entitled to any refund.


3.-In the event that the LESSEE decides to extend the rental contract, he must appear in the office which the vehicle was rented, to renew the rental contract.  Once exceeded the expected date of return, it is considered the rental contract expired with the responsibilities that are inherent.


4. The LESSEE undertakes to return the vehicle at the same office where he was delivered and in the date indicated the rental contract. The delays in delivery not authorized nor force majeure justified, will report extra costs. It is understood per day rental, rents between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. the same day. Upon termination of contract, breach of LESSEE, by accident or breakdown, the LESSEE expressly authorizes LESSOR to remove the vehicle from where it is. The LESSEE has to pay the expenses generated. LESSOR must notify the LESSEE the day and time the vehicle entered the garage, and in the case noted the address where it is, to ask that the LESSEE may make the appropriate checks.


5. - Upon termination of contract, breach of LESSEE, by accident or breakdown, the LESSEE expressly authorizes LESSOR to remove the vehicle from where it is. The LESSEE has to pay the expenses generated. LESSOR must notify the LESSEE the day and time the vehicle entered the garage, and in the case noted the address where it is, to ask that the LESSEE may make the appropriate checks.


6. - The LESSEE does the return of the vehicle, having removed therefrom all personal belongings. The LESSOR is not responsible for personal items that had been left in the vehicle, once signed in accordance returning the car on both sides.


7. - Responsibility / bail set at the Rental Agreement, shall be returned to the LESSEE at the time of completion of the Contract, upon review of the state of the vehicle. Bail may be used for the extension of the rental under any circumstances.


8. - If the vehicle suffers damage not covered by insurance , the amount of the repair will be deducted from the liability / deposit and remaining amounts resulting after exhausting the same , the LESSEE is obliged and agrees to their reinstatement to LESSOR no later than 10 calendar days


9. - The LESSEE agrees that the vehicle is not used:


a) To transport passengers paying an amount, whatever the type of compensation chosen or transport a greater number of passengers at authorized places.

b) To tow any vehicle without proper authorization of the LESSOR.

c) To participate in scheduled or spontaneous competitions.

d) Any person who is in poor physical condition, either by ingestion of alcohol, drugs, disease or suffering any circumstance that diminishes its normal capacity.

e) Illegal purposes.

f) Any other use represents a danger to the LESSEE and the vehicle.

g) The LESSEE may not modify, or change, the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

h) For anyone not authorized by this lease

e) For transport of goods which exceed the maximum weight allowed in the technical specifications of the vehicle.


10. - Damage to the tires, wheels, hubcaps and vehicle interiors shall be paid by the LESSEE. The SPEEDOMETER cannot be manipulated. Malfunctioning due to failure or tampering, should immediately notified to LESSOR for repairing. Otherwise, the LESSOR is entitled to charge an extra amount of 750 km per/ rental day.


11. The LESSEE accepts to pay the costs occasioned by the loss, theft or bad use of accessories, tools, emergency wheel, battery, etc... Only the return of the vehicle in perfect condition of use, both mechanical and bodywork, to LESSOR, at the same collection office, on days and times of opening to the public (*) closes this rental contract.


12.- The LESSEE company who do not communicate to LESSOR the name of the authorized driver of the vehicle, expressly accepts responsibility for any incidents and damages incurred to the vehicle during the term of the Rental Contract.


LESSEE agrees:

a) Inform the LESSOR, no later than 12 hours, of any accident, damage, theft or fire, as well as the police authorities of all bodily harm, theft of the vehicle, taking appropriate measures to protect and safeguard the vehicle.

b) Indicate in his statement the circumstances of the place, date and time of accident, name, phone number and address of witnesses, name, phone number and address of the owner of the other vehicle, its plate, insurance company and the policy number.

c) Attach to this statement any report of Police, Civil Guard or Court if there is.

d) Do not discuss in any case the responsibility or compromise with third parties regarding the accident.

e) The insurance cover extends only to the expected duration established in this rental contract. After this period, LESSOR declines any liability for accidents and injury that LESSEE might cause, for which he will be the only responsible. The importance of this section is linked with the section nº 3 of these clauses.

f) Insurance covers only authorized drivers by the LESSOR, who are in possession of valid driver's license and valid, with a minimum age of 2 years old. For less than 26 years the value of the responsibility will be triple the normal applied and may incur additional charges. When the driver acting in bad faith, or is not in normal conditions, by ingestion of drugs or alcohol or for any reason, he and  the LESSEE will be the solely responsible for any damages that may be caused to third parties,  to the vehicle and to LESSOR.


13. - The normal mechanical wear of the vehicle is assumed by the lessor. In case the vehicle is immobilized for any reason the LESSEE may not claim damages for delay in delivery of the vehicle, cancellation of the rental or immobilisation due to repairs carried out during the rental period. The LESSOR has no obligation to replace the affected vehicle, and will not be liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by construction defects or previous repairs.


14. - If the LESSEE does not notify the LESSOR within 12 hours after any accident or breakdown that could affect the vehicle rented, will be the only responsible for any damages that have been incurred.


15. The bad mechanical use of the vehicle once tested this by competent expert, will lead to the LESSOR to start the judicial proceedings and Extra Judicial to claim damage to the vehicle or third parties, directly against the LESSEE.


16. - Fuel is borne by the LESSEE. The LESSOR does not charge in respect of fuel so that it will not return in that concept. The LESSEE must observe at all times the manufacturer's advice for the maintenance of the vehicle, being in charge of LESSOR the maintenance expenses.


17. - INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER DAMAGES caused due to violations of the Highway Code and municipal ordinances. The LESSEE shall pay the penalties might be imposed by the competent authorities, for the above violations.


18. - The replacement vehicle service, if this extra concept is chosen in long-term rentals, covers only cases of warranty repair or regular maintenance service.


19.- The Baby seat or the Clamping child system are not among the accessories that must necessarily take the vehicle according to the provisions of Rules of the road of vehicles, so that no liability to the LESSOR , by the fact of having or not installed, mainly, as is the case , whether it is a removable element.


21.- Cancellations are accepted only with more than 15 calendar days after the departure notice. Cancellation insurance: 25 € cancellation of 90%, maximum 24h.antes. (48h.  for minibuses or vans or commercial vehicles)

22. The LESSEE declares read and understood in full the above clauses in SIGNAL TO, the LESSEE AGREE BY SIGNING.



Dear Customer,  the vehicle we delivered you, may exceptionally having some minor damage, which are reflected in this document. Any additional damage present in the collection of the vehicle, would be billed according to the repairations  prices of damages , exposed in offices and the official website of AINA CAR RENTAL, SL, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement rental. Please contact a representative of AINA CAR for any damage not mentioned herein before leaving our facilities.